Vienna Edition

Sep­15 – Oct­1 & Nov­31 – Dec­17, 2017
at your own home!

Homesick Festival was launched in Vienna in autumn 2017. Initiated by Michikazu Matsune, the Vienna Edition was joined by Thomas Geiger, Marlene Hausegger, Barbara Kraus, Andrea Maurer, Frans Poelstra and Oleg Soulimenko.

Welcomed by over 30 homes in Vienna, the festival received a strong interest and enthusiasm with the audience situation varrying from an intimate group of 5 people on a Sunday afternoon up to a home-party with 30 people on a Saturday night.

Thanks to all the hosts who welcomed us in their homes, and and thier friends, families and neighbours who made this a great experience together!

Performances and interventions included Living Room Demonstration (T.­Geiger), Break Your Leg (M.­Hausegger), Johnny (B.­Kraus), You dreamt that (A.­Maurer), Be Unreal (F.­Poelstra), Water Piece (Soulimenko) and Some People / Moving and Being Moved (M.­Matsune).